Platform Considerations: General

Platform considerations broadly cover how the chosen platform will be interacted with, namely:

  • Where to host the platform

  • How to deploy the resources

  • How to manage nodes

Deployment Location

With regards mainly to cloud platforms, the location of the resources is an important consideration. Cloud platforms offer their services in a variety of locations which allows for localisation of services and potential distribution of services across the globe.

So when it comes to deciding on where to deploy resources it’s worth considering where the user base is located.

Deployment Methods

No matter what type of platform is being used for resources, there are multiple methods to deploy node configurations.

Deployment methods can include:

  • Manual - Creating all deployment templates by hand for resources

  • Assisted - Using helper tools to generate templates and files for creating resources

In most cases there is also a GUI and CLI tool that can be used to deploy to the platform. The ideal tool will suit the needs of the deployment team in ease-of-use and flexibility.

Platform Management

Management involves mainly the power management on the system. How the resources can be controlled remotely to check or change the power state.

Remote power management tools can provide group-control helpers and other bulk tools to allow for easier maintenance preparation.